Account number for transaction type Vendor balance does not exist.

When i run the class for posting invoice for purchase order i found this error message :“Account number for transaction type Vendor balance does not exist.” Can someone suggest me why this error occur?


Pls check vendor posting profile for that vendor subledger has assigned or not

u mean check here :Accounts payable > Setup > Vendor posting profiles?
but in my dynamics ax2012 dont have this option. i have only vendor group, vendor exception group, vendor reasons, and vendor price tolerance group. any other alternative to view vendor posting profile?


path is same. AP>Setup > Vendor posting profiles. in the setup tab you need to create the summary a/c and assign this posting profile at AP parameters > Ledger & sales tax tab > posting profiles field.

if you’re not able to view this form… then go to AP>setup > AP parameters > ledger & sales tax > have a posting profile field > right click on it > view details … it will take you to AP vendor posting profile.


If the summary account exists in teh posting profile verify you have deployed the chart of accounts correctly to the company.

Hye Sarathy and Adam,

Thanks for the guidance. They was really helpful,

I found the problem ready,

First problem i found was the vendor account and bank account did not match.
Second problem was i did not assign value to settle account, arrival account, and offset account.

After i solve these problem i can post the invoice ready:)