account number for transaction type sales order discount does not exist - AX 2009

Hello everyone,

I have an issue. When I want to invoice the SO, the following message is displayed “account number for transaction type sales order discount does not exist”.

I can’t invoived the SO… a problem.

Someone can help me ?

Thank you in advance.

Your posting setup is blank, but you believe that there is no discount - so first you need to eliminate the discount - check where discount is applied - where have you checked? Then if there is no where add the account, post it and see the discount posted. Clearly not advisable in a live system!

On the sales order, if line discount is being used then you need to define the discount account in item group posting. If total discount is used then define the account for total discount on Account for automatic posting under GL setup.


Hi vipisme,

Please check the following setup:

  1. General ledger / setup / Posting / accounts for automatic transactions. Check if you have all accounts for customer discounts Setup. If not, then please set one up.

  2. Inventory Setup / posting / posting / sales order tab / Discount Radio button: Do you have an account setup there?

All the best, Ludwig

It was the delivery revenue account and was resolved in the community forum. Not marked as resolved, but also not the error described here!