"Account number for transaction type Purchase, fixed receipt price loss does not exist.

Hi All,

When I’m trying to post Purchase order to Invoice state, system is throwing an error message :- "Account number for transaction type Purchase, fixed receipt price loss does not exist."

Is anybody know the reason of this error? Please help me

Hi Arjun,

How you are trying to post the invoice? After posting the PO or postiong PO → Invoice registration - > Bill of Entry → Receiptlist → Packingslip and then Invoice …

There is one configuration in ax as if that configuration is set to yes then you cant invoice directly else you can directly invoice after posting the purchase order…

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The model group might be enabled with the Fixed Price Receipt. If so invoice will post the difference of the purchase price and inventory cost defined to gain or loss.

For which the accounts need to be defined in Item Group → Purchase tab…

Hi Kevin,

Which is the configuration? Please tell me

Kranthi told you on the previous post.

However you can just fill it in but without understanding why it is being called, which Kranthi also told you, you are hiding a potential issue in the accounts.

Hi Kranthi,

Can you explain this concept in detailed

He did.

If you have enabled the stock model group to process fixed price receipts you need to populate the appropriate accounts on the item group to handle this. What more detail could you want? Run it through and look at the transactions and the concept.

You need to define ledger accounts in Item Group for the purchase part.


this issue is solved by setting ledger accounts at the Item group level.

Thanks to all

Hello Kranthi, i have a related query - i saw an offset account related to ‘fixed receipt price offset’ - There are fixed price profit/loss for PO posting types that I can understand (based on your explanation) but what does the “Fixed Receipt Offset” mean here?

Also, we see the fixed receipt price profit/loss under Inventory Posting Types. When will these GL accounts be hit?

When a vendor invoice is posted, I believe the price difference between purchase price and cost price ( manage cost tab) will be posted in the fixed receipt price profit/loss as defined in PO.

while the difference between purchase and inventory cost is captured in the fixed receipt accounts as per Inventory posting types. is that right?

Many thanks