Accessing SQL Procedure

I wish to access a SQL proceudre from navision the procedure would return a result set which i need to loop through is there a way out. I tried using automation to create a ADODB Recordset object but i dont see the fields collection for the Recordset

A somewhat dirty method is to use 2 linked tables. One that has an insert trigger on it, which calls a stored procedure when a record is inserted, and a second table that stores the results. I used this method for some analysis that I couldn’t do with Navision. It actually worked very well.

Well managed to get an answer to it. You can actually use OLEDB classes and Objects thru Automation variables in Navision as we all know that automation relies on Late binding so all the objects will bind using variant datatypes you will have to create fields, field obejcts in order to arrive at a value in a field in the recordset, pretty simple !! thanks for all those who gave it a try.

rs := Connection.execute (‘spname’);