Accessing non-Navision SQL tables

Hi Everyone,

I’m not the resident programmer, but I was wondering - is it possible to access the SQL tables (created via Enterprise Manager etc.) using Navision Code??? Any starting points would be great…

Thanks in Advance.

Andre Rencontre
BCompSci, MCSE
HLB Mann Judd
Victoria, Australia

Yes. You can access SQL tables and views from Navision. just create exactly the same table definition in Ent.mgr as You do in Navision. Then You import the Navision object to the database answer “Yes” to the question of linking to an existing object. This is described in the pdf on the CD. just be aware that You might get problems with user rights if You use a view that points to another SQL database. Edited by - Lars Westman on 5/20/00 3:59:12 PM

Hello Lars, can you identify the the PDF name from where I can read the details?

Second question can we add shortcut of external application exe in NAV home page or shortcut area like we did in Dynamics GP?

Any idea?