Accessing Methods in Form B from Form A

Hi everyone,I am having 2 forms FormA and FormB,In form A,I am having Some methods ,I want to access those methods
from Form B,Is it Possible,if possible,kindly give suggestion in detail…

Refer this link may be help for u……/

Why do you want to access the formA method in formB? If you want to reuse the code, put it in a class/table and reuse it.
Usually we call the method of formA , while/after closing the formB. (if form B is called from formA and you want to perform some action on formA after closing formB)
You use formHasMethod to check

if (element.args().caller()
&& formHasMethod(element.args().caller(),identifierStr(yourMethod)))

I am having the scenario,in which I am using the formB as the Lookup form for the formA Stringfield(lookupfield),In formA i am having the Lookup method,After I select the multiple records from the lookup form and clicked ok button in formB,it should return the selected records in that lookupfield which is present in the formA

For that purpose you may not need any such method. Is that a bound or unbound control?
Why are you storing multiple values in a single field?

I found how to store it Kranthi,but now I am lagging in the form b,From form B i want to close the form A how can I perform this ???

You said formB is a lookup form. After selecting the values from lookup the lookup will be automatically closed.
You may have to handle the form A close after value is updated in that field, but what is the reason to do that?