Accessing 2 companys via ODBC in Access

I have a problem with ODBC linking in Access. It appears that the ODBC driver does not allow me to use TWO DIFFERENT compannies from the same database at the same time ? EG I have two companies in our database TEST1 and TEST2, I can attach tables from either company to the access application i am using and open any table from any company HOWEVER when i then try to open a table from another comapny i get the data from the first company Please Help PS. Creating two seperate DSN profiles don’t works.


Originally posted by Bonno: PS. Creating two seperate DSN profiles don’t works.

Hello Bonno, are you sure about the DSN thing? What version are you using? At least for Attain 3.10, in the ODBC DSN-setup you can specify the company you want to access. It’s right there one line below the database name, there’s even a button to choose from existing companies. I dont’t remember what previous versions looked like, though. HTH, Thomas

Hi, Simulteneously you can not open two company with CODBC driver. for this purpose use disconnected recordset. First create the connection with one company and open the desired table with recordset and then disconnect the recordset. After first step reopen the connection with other company and use the desired table with this compay.

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