Access to a Duration-Field via C/Front

Okay here is my next problem … I want to get access to the data in a duration field. that means i don’t want the converted version like “5 Seconds” but the real integer value (i think it is a big big integer which conatins the milliseconds or something like that). I’m using the 3.7 OCX with Delphi 5 and i can put the OLEVariant-Value from the Function (CFront.GetFieldData()) in a LongInteger e.g… But when i want to format it i get an Error saying this is an invalid operation. Does anybody know which datatype i have to use ? Maybe in another language ?

cf.h: typedef unsigned long int DBL_U32; typedef signed long int DBL_S32; typedef struct { DBL_U32 LowPart; DBL_S32 HighPart; } DBL_S64; typedef DBL_S64 DBL_Duration; so, long is to short.

…so the problem is the missing or lets say not functional datatype Int64 in my Delphi 5 :frowning: