Access Level modified in ax 2012

hi i am new to this site as wel as in ax 2012, my question is that i am just defining roles and secuirty for ax 2012,in menuitems property there is an **option need accesslevel which by default set to view, i want to change it,but by default it is disable,so please can one tell me how to enable and then to assign dfferent users to…


It’s not used for assigning user permissions. Manage roles [AX 2012] will show you how to do that.

I believe that NeededAccessLevel isn’t used by role-based security at all; it used to be used by the previous security framework and it remains in AX 2012 for upgrade purposes.


What exactly do you want to do??? Do u want to assign users to roles or u are creating a new role in the system???

If you want to assign users to roles i think this link will help you