access a specific folder and view its contents

hi all, i have a specific requirement. How can I create a separate folder for every employee i do create/insert and access the same folder when ever i would like to know how many documents does this employee has ? Navision will call windows dialog management and opens a standard folder ? However i would like to have the system to open the folder named by that employee only and if i do navigate through different employees, then navision should allow me to get that employee information… Kindly help. Regards Ardent. i will be maintaining the employee master and along with the documents ( say visa, license, so on)… Suppose I’m inserting a new employee and would like to maintain his documents say VISA and licnese info in Windows explorer… At the time of providing the link of above documents, Navision should search for a folder name by the new employee created j ust above and if exists, it should direct me to that specific folder and allows me to copy/insert the documents in that folder ? if there i