Accept underdelivery (clarification)

Hi Dynamics ax community,

(Ax 2009), Do anyone know about accept underdelivery?

  1. I met some situation when doing packing slip in PO (Purchase Order), system will prompt an messages saying underdelivery of line is 74.4 % but allowed under delivery is only 0.00%.
  2. I found out there are many setup is available for “accept underdelivery”:
    • (A) Inventory Management > Setup > Parameters > Transport Tab > Accept underdelivery (checked = true)
    • (B) Accounts Payable > Setup > Parameters > Updates Tab > Accept underdelivery (checked = true)
    • (C) Inventory Management > Item details > References tab > Underdelivery fields (set the percentage)
    • (D) Accounts Payable > Purchase order details > Purchase lines > Setup tab > Underdelivery fields (set the percentage)

In order to make it able to proceed, currently we are setting the underdelivery fields percentage / value in purchase line (D). I still couldn’t see the effect for the other setup for (A), (B), (C). I think it will be useful if there is any “global setup” that will take effect for all purchase line, instead of key in the percentage / value in each of the purchase order line?


Option A - This will be applicable for Transfer orders. If you are shipping the goods from warehouse1 to warehouse2 and wanted to accept the under delivery when there is no stock at sending warehouse.

Option B - Applicable for “Accepting under deliveries” during the Purchase.

Option C - Say you have set under delivery percentage for Item x as 30 percent. whenever you raise a PO this percentage will be defaulted to your Purchase line-Item

When you tick the parameters you start to control by set %'s. If you do not tick it you must receive in what you have ordered if you want to close the line.

A) Is for Transfer Orders
B) Is for Purchase Orders
C) is the percentage default on the item
D) is the percentage default from the item that you can alter for this purchase line.

A) is irrelevant to your described process. B) means you check it, C) defaults to D).

B) is your purchase line global setup, but each percentage is item based.

If you want to change the current core design then Microsoft are always open to suggestions through (used to be the Connect tool and may still be).

You could order 120 and book in 100 and choose not to close for receipt and then deliver remainder the balance.

Hi Adamroue,

For, B) is your purchase line global setup, but each percentage is item based.

I have set the “Accept underdelivery” in purchase line global setup and the item “Underdelivery” percentages. But when doing packing slip it still prompt the messages saying underdelivery of line is 74.4 % but allowed under delivery is only 0.00%.

Please advise. Thanks

Yes purchase is global and percentage is item based.

If your allowed under delivery is 0% it was 0% when the order was placed - it is written to the line, changing it after loading is not relevant. The tick means you CHECK under delivery - so you verify it meets the values set - so do you “accept” under delivery of 74.4% - no because your accepted level is 0%.

Hi AdamRoue

I have set the global setup in account payable parameters “Accept underdelivery” checked and also put the underdelivery percentage in item details > one of the item underdelivery fields to 100 percent. Then I create new Purchase order for testing, in the purchase line I create this item which has been set underdelivery to 100 percent. But when the item line has been created, the fields of underdelivery in purchase line of this item is still showing 0. Please help on this. Do I still missout some setup?


“One of the item underdelivery fields” - which one? [:D]

If it is the one on the purchase tab then load a NEW purchase order and check the field on the line details - Delivery tab for under delivery percentage.