About Report upgrade from NAV 3.7 to NAV 2009

Hello All,

I want to Upgrade Reporting from Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 3.7 to Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 2009 SP1. Please if some One Have Steps to Do That Please Help Me.

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Purvesh Maisuria.

Hi Purvesh

Are you using devloper toolkit to upgrade or doing manual upgrade?

if you using developer toolkit then follow the below process

Step1: Create a 2009sp1 database to start the developer toolkit application

Step2: Import Devtool.fob into that

Step3: Create 4 database versions in Developer toolkit and named it as follows [3.5Customized,3.5Standard,6.0Standard,6.0Upgraded]

Step4: Export report from 3.5 customized databases and import it into the 3.5Customized version of developer toolkit

Step4: Export the same report from the 3.5Standard Database and import it into 3.5Standard version

Developer toolkit

Step5: Export the same report from 6.0sp1 standard database and import it into the 6.0 standard version of developer tool kit

Step6: perform the merge process [The upgraded object will be displayed in the 6.0 Upgraded version of the developer toolkit]

Step7: Export upgraded object from the developer toolkit and import into your 2009sp1 database

Step8: Realign the controls

Step9: Check the report functionality


Jerome Marshal.J

Hi Jerome Marshal,

Thanks for Replying me & helping for my problem. I must try to go on the path/steps which u show me. Hope you always help me in future. Thanks for This Time & Thanks in advanced for Future problems.

Thanks & Regards.

Purvesh Maisuria.

HI Purvesh

Yu are most welcome


Jerome Marshal.j