About Manufacturing operation

Dear All experts, I would like to ask you and pls don’t give me the floating answer, I mean if it is possible, the answers are based on experience but still relates to theoritical aspects. My questions are sequenching as follows: 1. Machine / Work center I have some machines that operate serial If the machines operates 24 hours - 7 days to produce products, how to set run time, wait time, move time etc in the routing contains the machines ? My machines also have operating conditions set up like flowrate, temperature and pressures, and the output will be depends on the set up and fluctuations. I want to know also about how to set the maintenance, overhaul, or estimated sudden break down of the machines and then the production can know to control its equipment operation and know production capacity in terms of quantity unit of measure. 2. Item grades I want to ask you about the set up of one item in the item card that purchased from more than one supplier with different grade rate (quality rate) and the prices are different one another ? Do I need to create more than one item card ? 3 Tracing the output of every machines and unit cost and machine cost I also want to know about tracing of output from every operation sequence in production of one item so that I can know whether my expected output will be as same as actual output and if not same, I will know in what machines or equipment the actual output begin not same as expected or planned output, meanwhile my machines operate 24 hours a day, do I need to use item tracking and lot no. with serial no. ? 4. Creating bill of materials I want to know whether I have to make some changes/customizings for example product name = flour (solid powder) raw materials = wheat flour grade A, grade B raw materials contents = 10% water, 2% other mixed organics compounds, 88% flour (grd A) raw materials contents = 15%water, 5% other mixed organics compounds, 80% flour (grd B) for example based on plant experiences, 1 lbs flour needs 1.5 wheat flour grade A and mixed with 0.5 lbs wheat flour grade B will processed in an liquid-solid extractor, and the final output 0.9 lbs of 99.99% flour (powder). how to set it in the BOM ? Do I have to fill 0.88 lb wheat flour A but not 1.5 lb and 0.8 lbs wheat flour grade B but not 0.5 lb so that I can use MRP effectively and can buy the raw materials. Do I need to make customisation ? because in Navision standard the examples are only bicycle, furnitures, computers and sheet metal. 5. I want to know about Def. Gen. Product Posting Group, I see in Navision W14.00.01, in which there are retail, raw material, service, manufacturing, etc. but if my product sell to other manufacturing company as a raw material, what do I have to write ? is it still retail ? If I change the retail to be food ingredients, what else that have to be changed ? 6. Expiration of raw materials & product There are expire date of my products and raw materials, where do I have to write the dates? in the expiration calculation field on tab item tracking in the item card or warranty date formula field on tab Misc. in the item tracking card ? [?][?] Your detail answers are very expected asap. Tks be4hand. Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark, I think your questions are very many. As far as I know, Navision is for lot or batch production. It means it can’t be apply to the continous output process industry especially in chemical, petrol, etc… Rgds, Johnson