A quantity cannot be picked error on updating Sales order packing slip update


I have the above issue with AX 2009 SP1 for sales order packing slip update. When the sales order confirmation and plicking list was created, partial quantity was back ordered with one of the line.

Now the item is available and user tries to post packing slip, the system gives the following error message and stops the packing slip update:

“Inventory transactions with a quantity of xxxx attached to reference output order, IOxxxxxxxxx exist”.

I am stuck with this error. I have tried to end output order mannually and this option is disabled. What option do I have to resolve this? I will greatly appreciate your help in this.


The output order is created because you have not closed the picking process. Could be several setup reasons but what you at least need to do is go to the picking list registration form and update the pick to reflect the quantities picked, this will close the output order. Then post the packing slip based upon the picked quantity.

if you face this problem ou have to check if the pick list registration step done already or no

if it’s done and still you face the same error

go to the lines and click on the inventory button and select output orders and delete whats inside it and then pack again

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h hope it’s work

HI Bishnu,

I remember solving this kind of issue long back. The inven Trans record which you are updating might be pointing to the Output order. Please check the inventtrans record thouroughly, you will find two fields one will have the reference as “output order” and another field which will have the “output order number”. If you remove this link, your problem will be solved. (Filter the invent trans table with item id and sales order number then copy that data to xl and do a “Find” operation with the Output order number)

Please try this out in test server and reply me for any queries

Hello Santosh - thanks for your suggestion.

Yes I do see the output order and output order number in Inventory reference and Inventory number field. But, as you suggested, how do you remove the link? Can you suggest.

Thanks again.

If you end the Output Order this would also resolve your issue, without any jiggery pokery.


If your Invent trans is pointing you to that out put order, you will need to remove the link by going into invent trans table. remove the data in those two fields where you found the reference and outputorder number. i guess those fields are editable in table level…if not you will need to write script to update it.

@Adam- your suggestion is correct Adam, but it might not allow you to end the output order from front end form. am i right Bishnu…?

It should allow you, if not from the picking list registration (which will mean you output order setup is wrong) then you can from the output order itself in stock management. If the related output order is ended and the system thinks it is open you have a different issue.

Thank you Adam and Santosh both.

Here is what I had to do to resolve the issue:

Since the sales order (which was back ordered) my user was trying to post packing slip had associated output order and for wired reason, which I am still looking for answer, was neither allowing to pick nor end the output order.

After hours and hours of trying different options to make it work, I found option to cancel the activated picking and cancelled that. Once then, I was able to unlock the output order which I then was able to end. I then reposted Sales order confirmation > Picking list > Picking list registration update which worked just fine.

I sincerely thank you for all of your suggestions which helped me to look through these options.


I have the exact same problem with a catchweight Item.
I have invoiced 8 pieces with a weight of 1,1kg.
I have an open quantity of 3 pieces with a weight of 0,3kg.
My picking list registration is complete.
There is an output order marked as complete, but the status is : Processing.

When I try to remove the salesorderline I get the following error:
%1, %2 must be processed first.

When I try to remove the output order I get the following error:
Output order [%1] cannot be deleted. All related lines to the output order must have a status that comes prior to Picked.

When I try to cancel trough delivery remainder, I get the following error:
Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with ‘on order’ status.

If I look on the item transaction, I see there is an open quantity of 10 pieces with a weight of 0,3kg.
How can I correcty close this transaction?

Which version is this? Lots of issues with process in 4 as an MDIS, many in AX2009, I would suggest you report it first, it may be a case you cannot correctly close the transaction. I have a feeling this was 4 and we had a similar issue code fixed by Microsoft.

Hi Bishnu

i am facing same problem can u tel me the full process of resolving this.

Dear i am using AX 2012, and in Sales Order , i am posting Packing Slip i am facing the erro

“No lines for posting or quantity = 0” please guide me how you rectify it


What do you have selected as your “Quantity” in the posting dialog? You have to make sure the selection finds something to packing slip update (by having “picked” or “deliver now” selected.)