A list of journals posted between a time period filter

Hi there,

Can someone please tell me where I go to find a report that will bring up a list of journals posted between a date filter. For example journals posted between 01/07/2013 - 30/06/2014?

Im not very technical either so any help would be appreciated.

I have been told that our Navision has been specifically set up for our business which may make it tricky.



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You can check G/L Register in Financial Management–> History–> Registers

Thanks for that.!

So I have tried that and it seems to work as I can add in a date filter, but the only trouble I have is that it wont show a column for a journal number. I have tried right clicking on the top grey part and choosing “show column” but there is no option for a journal number??

We have auditors in at the moment and they want a report to show the journal numbers match what we have given them if that makes sense.

You can check the report in Financial Management → Reports–> Entries–> G/L Register

This will give you all the details.

Ok so what you are saying is go to History > Registers and copy the entry number.

Then go into Reports > Entry > G/L Register. Paste the entry number into the filter and it will being up the details of that entry.

I have tried that and it works AWESOME, however I cant keep going back and forwards as our auditors want a full financial years worth of journal entries.

I would have thought somewhere in Navision it would be a simple report listing the journal numbers and the date they were posted etc.

On a seperate note, when I post a journal I give it a number (in the “document number” column. Surely somwhere in Navision I can go, put in the journal number and it will bring me up what was in that particular journal??

Sorry im a bit of a pain but it would be SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL if I knew how to do this report. Both my boss and I are new to the office and the audituors said last year they were able to do it???

Cheers, Appreicate your help!



You can add filter of date by selecting the field below that No field

then you can put a date filter and see the report .

Follow this

Click on Below line of No

Press F6

You will see the list of all fields

Select Creation date

Press Enter

Now you can put date filter as you want .

Thanks Amol I got that part but…

I sort of need posting date not creation date and even if I use creation date and run the report, no where I can see the Journal number.

The History > Registers, seems to be the report I need, but I also need to be able to see the journal number. For example when I post a journal I give it a “document number” of 704. I cant see anywhere on the Registers Report that number even exists, it just gives me the entry number. I then have to take that entry number and put it into the Reports > Entry report. This will give me the details of the journal which is great if I could do that one by one but I am dealing with a whole financial years worth of journals that I need in one report. It will take me months to go through every entry one by one for a year.

Its ok, I dont think I am explaining myself well enough. Ill leave it.

Thanks for all of your help anyway, it is much appreciated!

Journal Number is showing in that report as Document No

I can see that in Report