A currency to convert from is required to retrieve exchange rate information

Hi All

I am getting this error when opening a report. I used salestotals class in my code. how to resolve this issue.

Obviously no currency to convert from has been set, but nobody can debug your code for you. I guess that already TradeTotals.displayFieldsCurrency() is called with an empty currency code, but I don’t know what is deeper in your call stack.

Use debugger to see where the empty currency code is coming from and provide a non-empty one.

this is my call stack. how do we provide non-empty one with out actually it is not accespting parameters?

A currency to convert from is required to retrieve exchange rate information.


(S)\Classes\Info\add - line 94

(S)\Classes\Global\error - line 3

(S)\Classes\ExchangeRateHelper\handleError - line 23

(S)\Classes\ExchangeRateHelper\validateFromCurrency - line 6

(S)\Classes\ExchangeRateHelper\getExchangeRate1 - line 24

(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\Currency\Methods\exchRate - line 18

(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesTable\Methods\exchRate - line 18

(S)\Classes\SalesTotals_Sales\exchRate - line 3

(S)\Classes\TradeTotals\calc - line 77


Hello Santhosh,

I have also faced this error message previously during data migration.

What I have done is: Imported CustAccount first and then CurrencyCode field, resolved the issue.

Follow the same sequence to see if that resolved the issue if you are using CustAccount and CurrencyCode fields.




am hitting the same error, but my scenario is different.

am creating a sales order, and then am doing a direct delivery, which will ask me to create a PO.

the PO is created successfully, and it can be confirmed and i can register the quantity to be received.

but when i try to post the product receipt i hit this error "

A currency to convert from is required to retrieve exchange rate information"

just to highlight that am able to create a normal PO and register and Post the product receipt, invoice it and everything is going very well.

even thought when i create a PO from SO also it works fine, this error only accrue when i do direct delivery.

so i guess it have something to do with updating the SO status and posting.

if the direct delivery PO is received and the product receipt is posted, then the main SO status should be updated to received automatically, and here goes the error.

I test all other scenarios and all are working fine.

any help?


I have just gotten this same error when trying to process a Purchase Requisition workflow. I was able to solve this by setting the System currency in System administration->Setup->System parameters. This form is used for settings that apply to all legal entities.

1464.System Parameters.jpg