A closed fiscal period cannot be reopened - D365 Operations but never closed the period. brand new legal entity

Hi I have created a new Entity “DEV” in D 365 finance and operations (AX7) created a ledger and associated to COA and ledger calender (“fiscal”). Strangely, it shows the period status for the entity (“DEV”) is permanantly closed! I haven’t done any year end close or anything! I have used the configuration templates (set of zip files with excel) to import the configuration data! When I try to update the period, it says " A closed fiscal period cannot be reopened." What can I do to open the Period status!! I tried to create a new fiscal calendar and associate to the ledger. Still the same result!

Appreciate your input.

Hello patrick,

there are few posts related to this but they are related to 2012 , check if it may help you


thank you. the blog says to write a simple job. How to write that job? is there any samples?

Its interesting now that the period 1/1/2017 to 1/1/2017 is permanently close. 13 periods for year 2017 monthly. I re-imported the records ’ ledger fiscal year entity" and changed the status to open for the period 13, which was on-hold. It looks like, the period 0 was perm closed and period 13 was on-hold! Its strange, as we didn’t do anything. For testing purpose, I tried to create a new legal entity and link a ledger and fiscal cal to it. same result!! I have platform update 11 (D365). Even strange, I changed the ledger fiscal calander for “USMF”, strangely, the period 0 is now set to perm closed!!

I found the answer
In the GL- Setup- Dimension Set

This resolved it

Can you confirm for this issue?

Just found out that this is the default system behavior. so am good to go.