4.0 Upgrade Toolkit Documentation

Hi folks… in the documentation for this toolkit it says "there is no longer an HTML manual provided. Instead, there are QuickGuides and improved help within the tools themselves. " OK, so the QuickGuide for upgrading 3.7 to 4.0 gives the steps, but no background info like, say, how to DO that particular step. Plus, each step in the QuickGuide shows a reference to relevant pages in a manual! Does anyone know what manual the QuickGuide refers to, or where I can find more detailed documentation on upgrading to 4.0? This will be my first solo upgrade and I’m pretty hazy on the whole thing. Thanks… Chandler

Hi, the manual that the quickguide is referring to is called w1w1upgr.pdf and that file are is located under the Document catalog in the Upgrade toolkit. Regards Daniel

Thanks… I knew it had to be simple…