3rd party Date compression on Item Ledger Entry table & Value Entry table

Since compression on the Item Ledger Entry (ILE) & Value Entry (VE) tables is dropped from NAV, these tables have grown enormously, especially for stores that have been open for more than 10 years. And tables keep growing.

Because of obvious performance issues, we have used the archiving and compression tools within NAV on other tables with reasonable success, but the most gain must come form the largest tables: ILE & VE.

Compression on the ILE & VE is dropped years ago, since version 5.0, because there were too many issues with it. I have been reading a lot about this now. It has been discussed here a lot too, but I do not see any recent development or progress.
Why isn’t there a solution yet, after all these years?

Upcoming upgrading to the next NAV version becomes a real serious issue now, since Store databases are this ridiculous large that they cannot be migrated during closing hours, which of course is unacceptable.

I know of one 3rd party company that sells specific NAV archiving & compression tools. Date compression, not (only) data compression.

Does anybody know of any serious company supplying trustworthy, proven add-on tooling for this?

Thanks very much in advance!