3 decimal places on purchase price and net amount


I want to enable 3 decimal for Unit price (PurchPrice) and Net amount (LineAmount) fields on the purchase order line. I have modified the EDTs behind these fields and was able to see 3 decimal on the form on both fields, BUT the Net amount is rounding the value, for example, I put 2.123 in Unit price with quantity of 1, the Net amount appears as 2.120 and this value is saved in the PurchLine table as well.

How can I overcome this issue?

I am not an expert on sourcing … But i think some setting of Rounding is set to normal…

Rounding option = Normal…

Therefore the value of 2.123 is setting to 2.120…

Check to see if there are any parameters where u have set the rounding to Normal (Normal is the default setting in most cases)

U can look at this!


I am not sure but you have to update the EDT in all the place which is getting impacted, net amount is just one field, there are many such fields.

Purchase order processing has impact in many other areas also, for example, budget, sales tax, charge calculation and adding everything needs to be taken care off. Similarly, for other modules also, you need to consider it and lastly reporting. What i am trying to say is if you are going with 3 decimal places, it should be everywhere.

I see this as a big modification.

What is the business requirement here? Normally when items like Oils are involved, customer asks for 3 decimal places.


Hi Chitanya, the General rounding rule field for the currency did the job when I set it from 0.01 to 0.001. Thanks for identifying the form.

Hi Pranav, Yes I also found out that the impact would be huge, and also reports will need to be modified. I think the impact will convince the client not to go for this. Thanks.

hi Fahad,

could you tell me the path where you changed

Hi Krishna,

Path is: General ledger > Setup > Currency > Currencies

Thanq Fahad…

thanq Fahad …