3.70 XML Import / Export

Hello, I am fairly new to Navision development and am making slow but good progress. I am currently tasked with writing some integration that will import and Export XML data in an effort to link two systems. I would be grateful if anyone could advise me of any literature on how this works, I know that Automation has a part to play but again have no detail of this. Sounds great Uh. Cheers Andy[^]

Hi A. Chuck, In version 4.00 XML import/export is a new feature, if you can get hold of that version! Welcome to the Navision Development arena Cheers David

In Version 3.10 or later, take a look at Codeunit 6224 to 6226.

which version do you use ? in 3.7 you can use xml import / export via dataports. although this is a possbile solution we developed our one using the microsoft xml dom objects (automation servers) and a lot of recordref / fieldrefs :smiley:

Try to take a look at www.efstech.com - under LaserNet modules\LaserNet XML. It is very easy to integrate, develop and maintain the solution.

The easiest solution I’ve seen so far is ViewDemo. It’s free and you find it our Download section. It’s limited in it’s functions, but you didn’t state what you wanted to do with the XML import/export.

Hi Andy! I did some integration with help of XML-export /import a year ago and it’s still up and working. I use Microsoft SQL Server as the database to export data to, and the data is exported from both C/SIDE and MS SQL Server. It uses Microsoft Updategram technology and windowsscripting. It works as follow: In some forms you define the tables to be synchronized. Then a “XML Change Log” log the tables you want to synchronize. I logs the primary keys, table number and kind of acyiopn to perform, if it’s insert, update or delete. Rename is treated as a delete and insert. Then the data specified in the forms (minimum the primary keys) are exported. I implemented an option called “full-sync” that uses a stored procedure in the receiver SQL-database to delete all data exported and then makes a full insert of all data incase the systems comes in un-sync. I uses this to sync both time-reporting system and employee-data databases, mainly delieveing data to web-systems. There are more to tell if you are intrested. Good luck with your task, it takes some meters of code… /Mathias