3.60, XML Dataport Import problem

Hi, all. Tell me, please, is it possible to use XML - format dataports in C/SIDE (I need indent tables)? Actually, export works fine, but i can’t import result back into attain with the same dataport, even on simple tests with only one small table. So, it seems like it would work only under UserPortal… Am i wrong? where? PS. Import ends with error message “Invalid Dataport XML Request.”

It’s not working, you will have to program something useing the XML ocx. That works just fine. If I can find an example, I’ll post it later on.

So what is the solution for this “Invalid Dataport XML Request.” messages ??

Try searching the answer, i know this is described somewhere on these pages…

I get the same error message: “Invalid Dataport XML Request.” Can’t find any answer neither in manual, in this forum or in google-search. And i’m exporting and importing with the SAME DATAPORT! Anyone ever used UPXML?

As far as I know XML import is not really supported by dataports.