2 subforms with a XML

Hi. I’m trying to develop a new form but I need to have 2 subforms on it. One of them is linked as others subforms using standard NAV methods. For the other one, I have though to use a temp XML Document to handle this. The idea is to filter 1st. subform with a record from the main form, and filter the second form with a record from the 1st. subform.

I found a post wrote by “Tim” form www.advanced-business-systems.com/…/Multiple-Sub-Forms-in-NAV.aspx where he explains how to do this, but when he says about to write code on XMLDoc::OnReadyStateChange() funtion I don’t know how to find that function.

I’m using NAV 5.0 SP1 and I don’t know if that code refers to NAV 9.0 or higher. In that case, do you know how could I solve my problem? Is there any other way to filter the 2nd. subform using records from 1st. subform?


XMLDoc::OnReadyStateChange should be an event of the XMLDoc variable.

If you go to the varable declaration and change its WithEvent property to Yes the Event will appear as Trigger in NAV.

Thank you so much :smiley: