2.65E Database Limit

My customer has a 64GB Database License of Navision Financials 2.65E. On Database Information window it is shown that actual size is 60000000kB and the licensed size is 76586000kB. In my opinion 64GB is equal to 67108864kB. And the question is: How big is the maximal possible database size: 67108864 or 76586000kB? BTW: How many database files are possible (16?) and how big can be an individual file? Has anybody a real experience with such case?

The total limit is 128Gb spread over 16 files. There’s no limit for ech file as long as You don’t pass 128Gb as a total. You’ll need to upgrade You license to go over the current 64Gb, but it doesn’t cost anything. It’s just a statistics thing for Microsoft. //Lars