150+ users have posted more than 100 posts. This is community!

I know that we like to look at Number of posts by users, and we look at total number of posts and total number of users all the time.

One of the great things about community server, is that we have a much better ability to rate and value each others contributions though the points system. This means that members are rated for all their communtiy activities, not just thepost count. But having said all that.

An interesting statistic we just reached, is that we have now over 150 members that have posted over 100 posts. What this number means is that rather than having a small group of members that post virtually all the answers, (like we have about 3 years ago or so) we have now evolved into a very large group all contributing and helping one another. And this really is what community is all about. I can remember the days when Erik, “Adam”, Nelson, Lars, Nils, “Robert” Andre, Fabian, Tarek, Jorg, Wendy, Walter, Val, Dave, Edward, and I and a few others whose names I can’t remember (sorry) that really were the core of NOLUG. But as community goes, its not about individuals, its about being a group. Now there are 150 people with 100 posts, and 300 with 50 posts, and 1140 with at least 10 posts showing how diverse the group has become.

The time has come when we can rate and value members that have been here for a year or so, and truly show the value they have made to the Dynamics Community. I think that the points system is the best thing that has happened to community, since we now all get a chance, and we can all value our piers. But still I am so pleased to see that we have so many members contributing.

I love this community, and I just wanted everyone to know how we have all grown together.