1 line has "On order" eventhough the line is fully invoiced.


I have encountered a problem with 2 sales orders - The sales orders are fully invoiced, however, 1 particular line is set to have 30 units “on order” - Has anyone encountered this before? - Please see attached Image

The following are the values seen in the Sales orders under the General Tab in Line Quantity

Quantity Deliver now Invoiced Invoice remainder Delivered Deliver Remainder On order
70 70 70 30

We are running AX 2012 R2


Morten Deleuran


There is a option to update order with additional Quantity by editing Qty in sales order line or can be added through delivery reminder, this option is only available when safety level of order is not locked, but at the same quantity should show under delivery reminder also, but in your screen shot it is not appeared can you confirm? if you don’t want to allow to update invoiced order, setup your safety level of invoiced order as locked.

Hi Dynamicsconsultant,

If I understand you correct, your suggestion goes towards adjusting the “line quantity” with 30, and thereafter remove the additional 30 added through the “Delivery remainder” function.
Unfortunately the above method does not work, no matter how much I add or substract using either the Quantity field on the sales line or the Delivery remainder function. The 30 in On Order, just won’t change.

Have i understood you correct, and do you ahve another suggestion?


Hi Morten,

If you want cancel this Qty simply make delivery reminder zero , then your order will close.


That is the overall Issue.
Delivery remainder is 0, as all 70 in QTY are delivered and invoiced. However the system still thinks there are 30 on order - It seems to be some kind of error, as I often write Down using the Delivery Remainder to successfully close orders.

Check on LCS for the issue. I am sure I have read about it before, and can currently see a similar issue in CU10 with works order component lines being “On order” despite the pick list and production order being ended.