Hi, has anyone else faced this problem: one of our Customers is loosing the done configurations (hide columns, etc.); Windows XP , NAV 4.0 and startparameter ID=xx is set. Can this be, because of wrong sharing and security of a folder or that the Users a defined as User in Windows login. Should they have more permissions when starting Windows? Michael

Hi Michael, Have you checked wether the zup-file you define in the ID=xx parameter has actually been modified? Could perhaps be a permission-issue on the folder that contain the zup-file. regards, Alexander

How does the clien log on? Is it a Citrix connection with multiple servers maybe? try an ID that include a filelocation like id=\server\users\abc\abc.zup

Small issue but big impact: I found that using the ID when starting up the client needs to be defined including the .“ZUP” at the end. It does not work when omitting the extension. So ID=Bla will save as Bla.zup but it will not be used when reopening the client. Instead it tries to read Bla, a file which does not exist. Another one: When not defining the (full) path, the system will (at least in older versions) write the file into the last folder used (i.e. the folder you opened when importing objects or running a dataport).