ZUP Update

Hi All, Iam facing a problem with repect to the user settings / Zup file. Setup - Nav. SG. 3.6(with hotfix) Environ - Native / Client Server clients - win98/2000 server - win2000 When the user closes navision, there is no question whether to update the Zup file or not.(I did’nt find any zup file in the client system. only one zup file in the server.) Is there is any way we can force navision to ask the question (do you want to update the zup file) each and every time / or the user did some changes in the screen.

Hi, There will be no question about the ZUP file if you only use one client program at a time (as opposed to having 2 or more clients running at the same time). Take a look at this topic: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8473&SearchTerms=zup If you want to be certain of which ZUP each user is using, you can use the client program property ID=path\file.zup