Zup files reset when using changing from individual logon to network group in Windows Security Setup

Hi All,

We are using NAV 4.0 SP3. Our users connect to a Citrix box to log into NAV. We recently were requried to implement network security groups for application logons and remove all the individual user access from within NAV Windows Login Security setup.

What we discovered is that the zup file for the user lost all the individual’s settings and reset back to the default.

Since there could be more than one network id related to a group in the NAV security setting, does the application still retain individual zup files? It looks like NAV knows which person is updating a record - the individual ids still show on any records that track who made a change in the application.

Has anyone else run into this type and have any feedback for us?


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Yes it will create as per the user group/user id.and it will found in user profile.