ZUP File

Hi, Can any one tell me how to access the ZUP file and modify the contents for Navision Attain 3.60. Regards, Vinod

no, you can’t

actually it can’t be thsat hard to work out how to edit the file, but what would you do with it if you could edit it? really the only things might be storing column positions, which can be setup through design, or reseting a particluar paramater, which can be done by recompiling the object.

But I can access the ZUP file in C://Documents and Settings/Application Data/Fin.ZUP

yes, but what do you want to do with it?

Just wanted to know what this file is all about,but cannot understand head or tail of it.Can u tell me what does .ZUP stand for at least.

This Topic is allredy discussed…Search the forum with the ZUP keyword