ZUP File


I am having problem locating my Zup file on the C drive.

Could anyone please tell if its still stored on the C Drive if yes then where?

If not then where is it stored now and how can I access it .


If you don’t specify the location in the startup paramenter, then it should be stored

c:\Documents and Setting(your windows user id)\Application data

this is in win2000, it will be similar in xp.

Right click C:\Documents and Settings, select Search, type in ‘*.zup’ (without the quotes) and you should see it appear in there somewhere. If it doesn’t show up try searching the whole C drive.

Make sure your search includes hidden files.

Is the zup file a hidden file? I did not know that.

zup file is not a hidden file, but it can be stored in a hidden directory

best to simply search for *.zup and you will find all of them no matter where they are.

better still is to just put the parameter

id=c:%username% in the startup icon. (use what ever directory you want of coarse)

then the Zup will be were you want it, and different users can use the same computer and have there own zup file setting.

To see the ZUP files, you must first enable “Show hidden files and folders” in Folder Options–>View, in Windows Explorer.

Windows will not show you the ZUP files, not even when you select “Search hidden files and folders” in “Search” window, unless you enable the suggested option above.

This is not the case, in windows 2000, zup files are not hidden files, They were not hidden files in windows nt, or 98 either for earlier version, I don’t have XP installed, but I highly doubt they are hidden. what does happen is if you don’t specify a location for the zup file, it can be put in the user profile application data directory which is hidden form normal view.

No they were not hidden in 98,2000 windows as I did find the Zup file on those.

But now I have XP and can’t seem to find it , I did try lookign for *.Zup but no luck and yes I have the hidden files and folders shown.

themave wrote the following post at 08-08-2006 11:52:

If you don’t specify the location in the startup paramenter, then it should be stored

c:\Documents and Setting(your windows user id)\Application data

this is in win2000, it will be similar in xp.

I tried using this method in XP but sorry to say didn’t find the ZUP file there either…

How do you start your navision client, do you have a desktop icon, or do you use the start menu ?

try this, open navision and make a change to a form, show or hide something, then exit Navision, This should cause the zup file to be updated

then use the search to search all drives, and including network drives for files modifed today only.

this should fine it. Your network administrator may have your profil stored on a network drive rather then on your local computer.

The other thing to do is to forget about your old zup file and simply change the startup parameter to include the id=c:\ and then go from there.

I use both ways to start Navision … Mostly the icon on my desktop …

iT could be that my profile is stored on a different drive…but how/where do I change the startup parameter…I need to confirm this as at present, for my desktop icon , I have it set to

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client”


on the desktop icon, right click select properties

on the target field is where you set paramaters, for example here is a test company parameter I use

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client\fin.exe” servername=, nettype=tcp, ntauthentication=no, id=c:%username%, company=“Test Company - BTEC”

tells which server to access
what net type to use
how to authenticate
zup file id
and company name to open.

Thanks David,

I was able to locate teh ZUP file and sure enough it was in the hidden folders.[:@]

But I would still liek to know how can I specify the paarmeter initially so that I can designate where to store the ZUP file in future.


Thanks David !!

Got it, Thanks for your patience …I know I was driving myself crazy too…[:)]

You need a command like:

fin.exe ID=C:\MyDirectory\MyFileName.ZUP

This will create the file MyFileName.ZUp in the directory MyDirectory on the C: drive