.Zup file

I have two machines, both running Navision 3.7. The first is a desktop PC running Windows XP and the other is a laptop running Windows 2000 Pro. While using Navision on either machine, I tend to adjust column widths and show/hide columns and it would be nice if I could have the same settings on each machine. So I thought I could just copy the .zup file between the two machines. However, although I can find the file on my Win 2000 laptop, I can’t find the file on my XP machine. Is this normal? Secondly, is it feasible to just copy the .zup file to transfer settings etc? TIA

Are you seeing all files in Windows Explorer (Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab)? Are you looking in C:\Documents and Settings%User Name%\Application Data? Maybe the shortcut you use on XP specifies a different ID property, therefore chaging the location of the ZUP file. Copying the ZUP file should do what you want.

Sorry, that was me being stupid. I had my folder views defined to include system and hidden files but hadn’t noticed some new options when you search in XP. You’re quite right, the .zup is in the application folder, and copying it to my other pc transfers the settings across. Thanks Nelson.

You could also have your zup file being stored where you can pick it up from either machine without you having to copy across. To do this you can assign a target zup file. Add Id=xxx.zup to the target property of the Navision icon. e.g. Target = C:\Program Files\Navision 3.70\fin.exe id=H:\Navision Zup Files%username%.zup This will create and open the Zup file on drive H, folder Navision Zup Files with a zup file that will have the users windows login as the name for the zup file. Create the same property target on both machines. Cheers Peter