Zup File with SQL Server

Hi there, I am working on 2.60 financials with 20 Navision clients each working with his own zup file. We have just migrated our Database to SQL server, and now I am experiencing a problem with Zup file. Whenever we do a full restore on our database, the ZUP file containing user presets revert to defaults. Even when I restored the ZUP files from previous day’s tape backup, the presets would not come back. We didn’t have this problem before switching to SQL. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Any Ideas [?] Bobby

Try to restore data only. I would expect an object restore to “reversion” all objects and thereby reset any settings saved in the zup file. Version in this sense is not the visible version tag you can see in the object designer, but a value saved in a system table.

True, When you restore the Objects the system will reset the ZUP file. This does not limit itself for modified forms but also for the non modified form. If there are no changes in the Objects then you should restore only the data.