ZUP file saving

the ZUP file for our users is saving but is not saving their settings. We are running in a Hosted environment on a SQL Server.

Sorry, but need more info… What is it Hosted enviroment? It is as Citrix farm? ZUP are saved - settings not saved - some example of what you mean? Are you doing modifications in objects?

nitemana, You say it’s saved. Are you sure it’s the same or a new one wich is created when you launch Navision? You can save your zup file in a specified directory as following: Put this in “target” of your shortcut “C:\Program Files\NAVISION 3.10 BE\finsql.exe” ID=C:\WhereIWantToSaveMyZup\MyZup.zup As Kamil says more info would help us to help you. Regards, John

It is a citrix farm

Do you mean that u are working with many citrix servers? In this case you probably do not know on wich server the user is connected. So at a time the zup is found, at the other it create a new one. The zup is saved on the user profile of the citrix server he was connected with. documents and settings… I never saw a partially saved zup. John