Zup file gets big

We have few users whose zup files get too big (over 200KB) and after few days they are asked to replace and recreate this file. These users enter orders and post those. What can we do to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Is 200KB too big these days?

What is the exact message that is showing up? What do you mean by “recreate” the zup file? I guess you refer to a message when Navision says “Do you want to replace the zup file” which actually occurs if you have several Navision clients open and working. The zup file size does not matter, at least to my knowledge, my own zup files are between 1Mb and 4Mb… Saludos Nils

My thoughts exactly, Nils. Was about to post the exact same comment but saw yours just before. I can also contribute by saying that my biggest ZUP file is 12,8MB (that’s for version 2.65, quite old).