Zup and Delete

The Navision workers all use the same printer during their Citrix session. Today a user indicated that she couldn’t print. The printer was no longer available in her printer selection when she attempted to print. The other users have no problems. Should I copy her zup file on terminal server c:\home\nancy to a temp file as a backup? And then delete her zup file from c:\home\nancy.zup? I’m new to Navision and my understanding is that if a user is having printer issues one needs to delete the person’s zup file from the Citrix server, from their personal user directory.

Thanks for any comment on this question.

Be aware that if you delete her .zup file, all of her settings will be lost (column arrangements, hidden columns, default report values).

Not really a big deal, but some users can get really upset about this.

U must not touch the zup file coz it shoud not resolve ur problem, like say joshi it save default settings .

To set the printer, we use the Printer selection Form to configurate the relation (User,Report,Printer).

Printer must be one of the printers shared to this user.

U can verify if the user OS system’s account has been modified or the sharing name of the printer has been changed.

Good luck.