Zeta fax and Metaframe XP

Hi, We are currently running Attain 3.01B on a Metaframe XP server with Zetafax 7.5 installed. We are experiencing problem when trying to print from Attain to the zetafax printer. If doing the “normal” way Attain sends only a blank paper. We have to go into preview mode and then press the printer symbol to make it work. Anyone seen this problem before? We tried this with Financials 2.60 as well with the same problem. So it seems to be Metaframe XP that creates this problem. Printing locally with Attain and Zetafax works fine. Best regards Daniel

Hi, Daniel Yes we have seen this problem. The problem are that Financials gets the driverinformation about the margins 103.73 mm. There is no place left for printing. The solution are that Zetafax are installing multiple printer spools (ques), delete all exept one. This will solve your problem. Don’t ask med why… Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com