Zero Value Labour Committed Cost on Works Order?


We have raised works orders in AX 2012 CU4 and the committed costs are only showing item costs and zero value for labour. There are hourly cost prices in the route so we don’t understand why the costs are coming through as zero value on the project committed costs.

Can anyone help please?

Many Thanks


I have a vague memory that it does not do it, only at the ending of the production order will it push through the costs for labour from a project perspective. However this depends upon the type of production order, I believe when they are created now you have consumed or finished as the order type. At consumed it pushes the cost through at the reporting of labour, finished when the works order is finished. Not great from long production items, but the consumed/finished difference came in with AX2012 X. The X might be critical to you as it might be an R2 X which I think your CU4 is RTM not R2.

I think in summary it will not show these committed costs because they are not committed until you consume them into the project. However it is not really my area, but a starting place. I think you are on version 4 and migrating to AX2012 CU4, or perhaps have migrated from your earlier posts, but you should still ask this question of your partner, they can hopefully guide you better than this ramble!

Hi Adam

Thank you for your reply, it certainly does help and I will look into this further

Thanks again