Zero quantity with inventory value (Positive value and negative value)


When printing inventory report, it is found that there are several items with zero quantity but still having inventory value. Some are having positive value and some are having negative value. Why is this happening? Inventory closing has also already been done.

I have simulated the issue using one of the item. I have checked the transaction for that items but it seems the quantity is zero and also the value.

Anyone know what is the possibility causes for this and how can I checked on this issue in order to get the solution.

Thank you


It doesn’t mean the inventory value has to be zero when qty is zero after running inventory close.

If you still have unsettled quantity, your stock value is still kept. This also depends on the costing method you are running.


Please check your item group setup. You run report by dimension that select “Financial Inventory”. If in Warehouse level donot select “Financial Inventory”, just selected only in Site level. It’s possible to have zero Qty with Cost amount when you print report with warehouse dimension.

If you want system to run costing by warehouse, parameter “Financial inventory” should be checked.

hope this informaiton can help.

Where is that “Financial Inventory” thing? I couldnt find it… I have the same issue too and I don’t understand who it works!