Zero profit block

If we want to stop any operator from processing an order that yeilds less than 10% profit or one that makes a loss can this be achived? If say the order was going to yield lees than 10% the manager would need to confirm this was OK or otherwise. I realise credit note will show a negative and we’d have to take this into account.

Thanks Andy

Hi Andy, This is possible but you will need to code it. I would usually put the code in the release codeunit as orders need to be released before posting. You may also want to add a block that the order can’t be picked before release.

Many thanks for your help.


Hi Andy, I should add that you might consider doing this at line level as a high margin item may mask a low margin item. You could also determine the margin percentage allowed by a group e.g. Item category as some item maybe be low margin by nature