Zero Amount Invoice

Harish I have a very funny problem which I am trying to work through. The users often have to produce an invoice with 100% discount (manly used for sample stock etc) but I cannot produce an invoice with a zero value. The system does not post and therefore does not produce an invoice number. I am currently going throught the consistancy check process and working through the issues. Have you heard of this happening before can you lead me in the right direction as to how I can solve this problem. I hope all is well and you and you family are safe in london Regards Newman

Newman, do you get any kind of error message whentrying to post the sales order? I have used 100% discounts in a number of installations (both version 2.5 and 3.0) but never experienced the problem you describe! What I have experienced is posting a sales order, but the invoice not being printed even though “print invoice” is marked. When inquiring on the invoices attached to the sales order I could find the invoice journal transactions and even re-print the invoice…but this is not the problem I read from your post. When trying to post the invoice does Axapta show any lines on the ‘Lines’ tab page in the “Posting Invoice” screen? (I’m wondering whether it is a problem that happens before or while trying to post the sales order. Regards, H. Jaeger Tectura (UK) Ltd.

Hi Newman, I haven’t come across this problem before. As Henrik suggets, please make sure that sales lines are selected in the post invoice form. Also this may sound daft - hope the customer is not on stop. And many thanks for your concern. My family and I are all right. But it was very shocking to hear/read about the bomb blasts [:(]. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Harish/Henrik Thank you for you responses I have figured out the problem and it seems to be related to the “Automatic Reduce Invoice” parameter on the update tab in AR Parameters. If I have this switched off I can do a zero invoice, but if I have it switched on I cannot do the sames transaction. The error is “transaction is already posted” & “Update has been cancelled”. Thinkig about it, it doesn make sense and I think it may be a bug in the application as this seems to be related to the BackOrder System, because if the feature is switched on the system will recognize backorders at post inovice stage. Have you come accross this probelm before and can you please help in achieving the backorder feature to be witched on and to have the ability to create a zero invoice. Regards Newman

Hi, The problem has already reported in this forum “Axapta known issues/errors”. One solution is to verify that the line qty is not 0. In the salesFormLetter_invoice class, method updateNow() : … accountSales = salesLine.accountSales(); accountDisc = salesLine.accountDisc(); if (SalesParameters::find().ReduceInvoice) { // if (! lineValue) if (! lineValue && !updateNow) … So, lines with amount = 0 and qty not = 0 will be treated and printed. Best Regards, Olivier Parent

Hi Olivier, Thanks for pointing that out. After seeing your email, I remembered that we also suffered from this bug [B)] Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Olivier Thank You very Much Regards Newman