Zebra/Eltron label printers - NAV W1 2.60 B

Maybe someone encountered this and found a solution. I have a couple of networked Zebra/Eltron label printers. They are not the default printers on the (W2K) workstations. The Printing Preference is set to the correct label format. When users want to print a label they have to change to the Label printer and at that time the printer goes back to it’s factory default (Envelope #9). If the Label printer is the default printer, the problem doesn’t occur, but that makes it difficult to do report print previews ! The label format I use (2.25 x 1.25) is not in the Navision paper format definitions. Prior Window versions (W95/98) didn’t give me this problem. Two questions: can I add the correct label size to the definition file or is there another possible solution ?

I’ve had the same problems, and I can tell you I solved it, but can’t really tell you how. It was one of those long sessions of trying everything, basically revolving around re-installing differnt drivers till it worked. There were also things involved like installing local printers, mapping etc. I am sorry now that I did not document the process properly. By the way, Citrix was involved at that time, and one of the first thigs I did was eliminate Citrix printing, and use IP printing instead. The most help I can give is to go to the Zebra site, get the drivers and start testing, and PLEASE if you can get an exact definition of the process, please post it here.

It was simple after all. I put the printer for the label report in the GL/Printer Selection, on every work station and that does the trick.