Yukon AND Navision

Hi All, As microsoft is releasing New version of Sql Server called ‘YUKON’ which certainly having lot of features . How MBS is handling this new version, are they going to release new version of Navision Sql for YUKON to take adavantage of these improvements. cheers

No,Navision will not initially be available on Yukon (at least that’s what they said). Obviously, since Navision will be supported long after Windows is gone, it must eventually move over to long horn. Is’t it odd thinking about a world without windows?

We had a meeting three weeks ago in which was told that the new navision portal (release W1 +/- juli) will be available on the beta version of Yukon. It seems strange that the new navision portal will run on Yukon, but Navision itself will not. Are you sure?

Never sure, that’s just what they said. What do you mean by portal, Comerce portal? User portal is basicallly dead, but they are porting business portal aka Great Plains over to navision. To be honest, I would expect all windows apps run on long horn, and all sql apps to run on yukon, makes good business sense.

Commerce Portal and User portal will be replaced by 1 new Portal, the Navision portal. Wouldn’t be surprised if it came from another product. Is the portal with Grrreat plains a modern, state of the art product?

The Yukon release will not align with the release of the Navision version following 4.0, so what will happen is that 3.70 and 4.0 will be updated appropriately so that they can run against Yukon and SQL Server 2000, in the form of service packs, if that is necesary - probably is. After that the next Navision release will specifically target Yukon features - albeit mostly performance features such as the Snapshot transaction type - and will align with new Yukon architecture regarding security, T-SQL and data types, and database maintenance. There will not be any big difference in Navision’s SQL implementation, however. The bigest of Yukon’s features by far - hosting Common Language Runtime languages on the server - will not be utilised at all because Navision does not run server-side code, nor will it if it’s to stay rooted in C/AL. That’s my take on it. David, what makes you believe that Longhorn will be anything other than the next Windows OS release? Peter, I was going to comment on what you’ve been told, but better not.

Peter, at tech 2003, they made it clear that Navision user portal is as good as dead, and that Business portal from gp will br ported to all products. Robert, at the same time they indicated, (but who knows) that he windows → yukon jump will be as big as the dos → windows jump. still who knows. Having seen the concept of mbf, I tend to believe that ms are about to make some great leaps in technology. PS I’m not sure if we are allowed to say it, but i still think that the best os ms ever wrote was os/2. if the leap to yukon is as big as the dos–>os/2 jump, then lets expect something great.

I am not a technichal expert, and therefore I may say same crazy things, but we were told that when a client wanted to upgrade to 4.0 and the new navision portal directly at the dutch release in november (before the official release of yukon), they would be running on Navision 4.0 and the portal on the beta version of Yukon. AND, if we wanted to upgrade to the new commerce gateway, we would be running on the beta versie of Newbie (if that is correct spelled). There even was the possibility to sign in for those beta programs… Does this sound logical to you guys?