Your program license has expired

We recently restored one of the MS SQL server’s backups in another SQL 7.0 server. When we try to use Navision client from a computer, it gives a “Your program license has expired” error message. We tried with our existing license, but it only lets us use once. Once we close Navision and logon again, the same error message comes up. Please help. -Farhad

With SQL Server, you have to upload the license (with the upload button in the “License Information”),so that the License you want to use is stored permanently in the SQL-Database. Cheers Daniel

Upload button is greyed out, cannot click on it. My account has system administrator privilege. Any other suggestions. Thanks.

The Upload button is only available when you have opened a database on the server, not when you have no open connection. In order to open your database and not have the error message (so that you can subsequently upload) you first choose the Change button on License Information and point to your good license. Then open the database - the license you used for Change will be in effect now, not the license on the server, so you’ll get no error. You can now do Upload to permenantly copy that same license to the server. Change is just a ‘while the program is running’ temporay use of a license file. This is all documented in the Installation & System Management manual.