Your / Our / Both.. what the heck?

[:(!] We are in the A/P module, using Supplier (External) Item numbers. The FOrms Set up parameter can have values "Your " /“Our” / or “Both”. We are testing them all but have not been able to see BOTH part number types on our Printed PO (requisition, as it is called). On the Packing slip, supposedly controlled by that same setting, we have ONLY seen “OUR” number, regardless the parameter setting. BUt the results are not always consistent and we are not able to report any wrong behaviour yet, other then that we have NEVER seen BOTH part numbers on our printed PO. Anybody there with similar experiences? Thanks Evert J Bos WI

Look at the picture: 813280 - our iten code Your item - your item code there are both on the PO. Packing Slip