You may not enter number manually. Message in MS Nav 2009 R2


We recently implemented MS Nav 2009 R2 , we have a problem everyday with several users, who use Purchase order, transfer order and return order forms, when they click on these forms they get the following error message

“You may not enter number manually. If you want to enter numbers manually, please activate manual Nos…”

In “No. Series” settings we have manual Nos checked for these number series.

In order to fix the problem for them I deleted the fin.zup file.

I tried to simulate this situation in a test database and i found that the only way to have this message and the form not opened is that : - filter a document , post it. then close the form. when retry open the form this message will appear.

Is their any solution for this ?

Please advice

It sounds like users often filter on Doc No. on the forms. This is not good practice since it is part of primary key and after posting the doc is gone and form is trying to find a document that is not htere any more the next time user opens the form. If you have a filter on Document No. the form is trying to create the document it cannot find. However i am not sure you have Manual Nos checked on the actual No. series used since you still get the message that manual numbers are not allowed.

Ask users to use Ctrl+F instead when looking for specific Document.

I am not sure but i think there aktually is some code in OnOpenform that would reset the filtering on Doc no (At least there is on the Item Form regarding Item No.) Have you made any modifications and removed such code?

I presume you are using Classic NAV Client and not RTC??

Of course best if you let a developer look at the scenario with the debugger if using find instead of Filters does not help.