You Dont Have Permission For Change Log Setuptable

Hello There, I am facing an error “You dont have permission for change log setup table”. In our company license we didnt had change log granule purchased. Navision was quite ok the other day but suddenly today morning it was prompting for this message when user’s happen to click on General Journal, Sales Journal, Purchase Journal and etc. I just wonder as what went wrong. I have checked all most all the tables relating to change log using NSC License, non of the tables contains records, but when we use our company license, click on journals & error flashes on screen. I have logged in as Super User but still receive this message, Any Clues on correcting the issue. Best Regards Khan\

Hm, does your Solution Center recently worked on the database? If yes, I bet that there is a record in the “log setup table” now. Before the application checked whether there is an entry in that table or not. If not, nothing will happen and the application is running without a warning. Now, with an entry, the application would like “to go ahead” with the change log but your license did not allow this. Ask your solution center to delete the record in the table as you are not able to do it. Kind regards Walter

Hi Walter, I have checked the table change log setup, where by its blank. There is no record exisiting and when there is no record how can i delete. Even one guy has suggested as to edit table, stand on the empty record, press right click and choose delete, but my case when i stand on record and press right click to delete, i cant see the delete button highlighted for me, its grey off. I dont know what has happen and how to make the things work back to normal again. Any other solutions besides this. Regards Khan\

Hi Wajahatullah in General Ledger under set-up and change log set up I presume there is no tick in the change log activated box? I presume tables 402, 403, 404 and 405 are all blank?

Hi Walter, Yes under the general ledger setup there is no place for me to tick the change log activation but ofcourse in change log setup under gl i can see the activate change log entries and that field is not ticked. Regards

Hi Wajahatullah This is the official Navision response to your issue:


Issue: Message: The user haven’t got read permission to change log setup table. Response: The reason for this issue is most likely that the customer at some point have had the Change Log functionality enabled. Once Change Log have been enabled, data is left in 2 tables - the “Change Log” & “Change Log Setup”. If you later on then use a license without Change Log then the two tables must be empty. You can use a developer license to run the table from the Object Designer and then delete all entries.

Apparently the entry in the change log set-up table will be blank so you have to adopt the method you described earlier for this table.

Otherwise you might try to activate the log with your NSC’s license (or better, let them) and thereafter disactivate it. It certainly has to be off then…