you do not have permission to run the 'EP Request Handler' Codeunit.

I have seen the older threads for this but this is giving me a hard time with NAV2009 R2.

I was logged in with the Partner licence and go kicked out.

Now I am not able to change the licence from the customer licence which was upgraded recently.

I have run through the upgrade from 3.7 to NAV2009 twice before without a problem, any ideas why I am getting this now?

Just deleted the zup file. Did not help.

Really need an answer please.

Did you Refresh your Customer License in Voice?

Why cant you change the License?

It would seem that the SQL team restored the wrong 3.7 database to the NAV2009 SQL server, the licence had not been updated.

Just in case, I have remarked the code to Run the codeunit in Codeunit 1.

Otherwise you could just have opened the database without opening a company and then uploaded the new license.