you do not have permission to read the detailed tax entry table

dear folks,

While posting purchase orders, I am facing a new error " you do not have permission to read the detailed tax entry table".

it was never occurred before, I guess its some functional issue, i am using the same license as before. In system i checked "detailed tax entry " table is empty and i read on internet somewhere that “detialed tax entry” table is used as buffer ( temporary table) while posting tax entries. If i use developer license , purchase order get posted well . and add new entries (records )in “detailed tax entry” table… but please help me to find correct solution.

please suggest how i can resolve this issue.



Never use a developer license to post in a live system or you will end up creating problems like this. You will need to get one of your developers to fix this.

David is right. The issue most likely is caused by using a developer license and you’ll need a developer license to fix it again.

But just to put in a few more words on it, then the issue is typically that the system has been setup to create the detailed tax entries. So in order to fix the problem you should check your tax setup tables and that you have no setup tables with content, if you do not have the permission to run that table with your normal license.

This is somewhat related to your permission of not having read permission.

Check it with some one having super role / permission and with your companys license.

HI ERIK, david thanks for the reply . HI ERIK,if the system has been setup to create detailed tax entries… can you tell me how to undo this setup and where in system table. I am not able to find that setup table


Find the person that broke it and find out what they did then have them undo it. The only person that can have access to a developers license is a person trained to use it, so find that person. They also should know never to do this, so you want to find out why they did it.

Dear mr david, thnks for reply… Actually detailed tax entries might have been setup by someone else but i need to undo it… If it has been setup by using developer’s license, I can only use same developer’s license… I have that same license with me… how can we undo the detailed tax entry setup…

You need to find the person that did it and get them to fix it. I don’t know your system or have access, it needs first to know what was done to then undo it. So find someone that knows what was done.

In any case, if you are an end user you wont have access to a developers license, so you will need your partner anyway.

Detailed Tax Entry is standard NAV Indian Localization table so nobody broke it other than Microsoft.

Have you upgraded from version 4 or previous version? There was a problem with the key which used to create problems. Use latest license file and sync the users. Not sure but it might help.

Dear sandeep, thnaks for reply…

we are running on 4.0 sp3 . this error is coming from few days back… POssibility 1 : The change in our existing server to other server by admin …he restore the backup of few databases to other existing server which also have other existing databses…Issue of permission is coming in databases of indian localization and objects…

POssibility 2 : some tax setup is done to include detailed tax …which i dont know how to locate… or some other setup is done for detailed cv ledg. entry buffer…i want to rollback this setup if it is done mistakenly…

issue 1 : no permission to insert in “detailed tax entry” table…

isssue 2: no permission to insert in "detailed cv ledg. entry buffer " table…

If i post by using developer licence, posting done is fine but records are added to buffer tables .

buffer tables should get empty after posting…