You can't have an unallocated cost on a planning formula error mesage during inventory recalculation

Hi guys,

We are running AX2012 R2 CU7, it’s a production company that has several levels of production. The production levels are organised as follows:

  1. Level 0 - the final product, - Product 1 which gets sold is a BOM type item cause it goes through a product configuration and based on that configuration a BOM is created. Based on that BOM a production order is created. in The BOM lines of that BOM is the first semi finished = SF 1 - which is produced as a co-product in a batch order for a planning item.

  2. Level 1 - Co-product production of the first semifinished - SF1, using a planning item.

  3. Level 2 - Production of semifinished - SF2, which gets consumed in level 1 above, to produce SF 1. It’s a regular formula item.

When running the Recalculation for a certain month I get an error message that “You can;t have unallocated cost on a planning item” for items that have nothing to do with planning items - at least not directly. The items in question are either the semifinished from the bottom level - SF2 or the ready product from Level 0.

We did a plenty of debugging and came to a point that AX needs to make an adjustment and in this case goes into the table InventTransOriginAssemblyComponent where it tries to identify the parent InventTransOrigin. The thing is AX doesn’t write any data in this table in cases of planning item production, let alone the fact that the quoted items are not produced with planning items at all.

I am trying to figure out the reason for referring to this table - InventTransOriginAssemblyComponent - for transactions that don’t present there, in order to fix the issue and go on with the recalculation.

If anyone have came across a situation like that - I would appreciate any feedback on how I can overcome this and continue with the recalculation.

It turned out there is a hot-fix for this issue in AX2012 R2 - KB2934188.

It solved the issue for me with slight alteration in the inventCostItemDim class, in the method is CalckeyAdjustmentAllocation - regarding the decimal rounding

Thanks for letting us know about the hotfix.

Do you mean that you have modified the InventCostItemDim even after applying the hotfix?